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What AI Can  and Can't Do

AI is more than a chatbot. Explore the vast capabilities of AI and delve into its possibilities in automation, data analysis, and problem-solving. The discussion will also shed light on the inherent limitations of AI.

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AI & Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Investigate real-world AI applications, like predictive maintenance, quality control & supply chain optimization, and the pivotal role AI and machine learning will play in enhancing efficiency  in modern manufacturing processes.


Where is AI Going in the Future?

Explore emerging trends and potential breakthroughs with a glimpse into the future trajectories of AI and its transformative impact on the industry and boxplants.


Using AI for Workflow Automation Design

Hear practical applications, efficiency gains, and strategic considerations, providing insights into harnessing AI to streamline processes and enhance productivity in modern business environments.

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Impact of AI on Graphic Design

Uncover the transformative role of AI in shaping the creative landscape. From automated design processes to innovative tools, participants will gain insights into how AI is revolutionizing graphic design.


Machine Automation & Semi-Automation using AI

Gain insights into the seamless integration of AI technologies, optimizing efficiency, reducing human intervention, and driving advancements in the field of machine automation.


AI Computer Vision in Manufacturing

Explore how these advanced vision systems enhance quality control, automate inspection processes, and optimize production workflows, showcasing the impact of AI in revolutionizing manufacturing.

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Using Generative AI in Business & Manufacturing

This discussion will showcase how generative AI is reshaping strategies in both business and manufacturing realms, driving innovation and efficiency in unprecedented ways.


Generative AI and Data Security Issues

Learn  to navigate the intersection of creative AI applications and the critical considerations for safeguarding sensitive information.

Sessions are preliminary and subject to change.

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